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Five euro NCAP stars, four innovation awards and lower UK insurance groups announced for new Volkswagen Golf


The new Golf, which goes on sale in the UK in January, has received a top five star rating from the European consumer protection organisation Euro NCAP.  It also won the award for innovations in the area of integral safety at the highly esteemed Euro NCAP Advanced Awards.  Along with Lane Assist and Front Assist, proactive occupant protection and the standardmultiple impact brake activation system were recognised as pioneering safety innovations.  This is further confirmation of the excellent competitive position of the Golf in its class.

The overall safety package of the new Golf − consisting of occupant protection, child protection, pedestrian protection and driver assistance systems − was recognised by the European consumer protection organisation Euro NCAP for its top results.  Once again, in its seventh generation, the Golf is confirming its top position, which it has held in Europe for decades now.

Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, Member of the Board of Management for Research and Development for the Volkswagen Brand, said: ‘We are very pleased that our new Golf was once again successful in fulfilling the challenging requirements of the Euro NCAP and earned its top rating.  We are especially proud of the no less than four Euro NCAP awards for excellent safety innovations with which the new Golf was recognised.  But this success is not just coincidental, because it reflects our corporate philosophy: safety must be made affordable for everyone.  Right from the start, we worked intensively with our engineers to develop a safety package whose scope is so far unique in the compact class.’  He continues: ‘These results once again confirm that we are on the right path.  We will systematically continue this development work into the future with the best interests of our customers in mind.’

The new Golf was awarded top ratings for its occupant protection.  Evaluated here were frontal and side impact tests, a pole side impact test and what is known as the whiplash test, in which loads to the cervical spine are measured in a rear end collision.  Not only adults, but children too can feel safe in the new Golf.  This was verified in tests, some of which utilised dummies sized to represent 18 month old and three year old children.  The new Golf also impressed testers with its pedestrian protection capabilities.

In addition to a high level of occupant protection, the seventh generation Golf also offers a broad array of driver assistance systems.  In addition to the standard multiple impact brake activation system and the optional proactive occupant protection system, the safety package can be further customised and extended with the optional adaptive cruise control, Front Assist with City Emergency Braking, fatigue detection and the Lane Assist lane-keeping assistant.  A total of seven driver assistance systems are offered in the new Golf which significantly improve vehicle safety.

The multiple impact brake activation system, which ADAC has already recognised with the Yellow Angel innovation award, automatically brakes the vehicle after a severe collision to reduce residual kinetic energy.  The goal here is to either prevent a secondary collision altogether or at least significantly reduce the speed at impact.  Accident statistics show that around a quarter of all accidents involve secondary collisions, and these are especially hazardous, because occupants no longer have the protective effects of airbags and seatbelt tensioners.  As is the case in all assistance systems from Volkswagen, the driver can choose to override the multiple impact brake activation system at any time.

Other features which were traditionally the reserve of vehicles in higher classes are also now widely available on the new Golf.  The Driver Alert fatigue detection and proactive occupant protection systems are standard on SE and GT models in the UK (optional on S).  The latter detects, in combination with other vehicle dynamic parameters, critical driving situations and reacts with either ESC interventions or full braking.  In case of a subsequent collision, it automatically pretensions the safety belts of the driver and front passenger to ensure the best possible occupant protection by the airbag and belt system.  In case of impending skidding accidents, the system closes the side windows to just small openings and closes the sliding sunroof so that safety systems such as the head and side airbags can offer optimal support and the best possible effectiveness.  As soon as the hazardous situation has ended, the safety belt is untensioned.  

In the UK, the new car’s excellent safety and security features contribute to Thatcham insurance group ratings that are up to 13 groups lower than those of the models they replace.  The entry-level Golf S 1.2-litre TSI 85 PS is in Group 7 – four groups lower than the same specification Golf Mk VI – while the current top of the range model, the Golf GT 2.0-litre TDI 150 PS, qualifies for group 19 insurance.  The previous-generation Golf GT 2.0-litre TDI 140 PS was in group 24.  All Golf models also have the insurance group suffix ‘E’, which means that they exceed the required standard for vehicle security set by the Association of British Insurers.  On the whole, lower insurance groups translate into lower insurance costs; another reason why the new Golf, although better than ever, is also better value than ever.

Article source: www.volkswagen.co.uk

LA Show Star Beetle Cabriolet now available to order in UK


The new Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet has made its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show, and at the same time is available to order in the UK ahead of the first cars arriving in April.  It’s the latest chapter in a unique automotive story that started with the original Beetle Convertible in 1949 and continued with the New Beetle Cabriolet of 2002.  Over 330,000 original Beetle Cabriolet cars were produced from 1949 to 1980, and over 230,000 New Beetle Cabriolets were built in just eight years. 

In creating the latest Beetle Cabriolet, Volkswagen has reinterpreted its timeless design, creating a silhouette that is at once instantly recognisable and yet sportier and more dynamic.  At 1,473 mm tall, 4,278 mm long and 1,808 wide (excluding mirrors), the latest Beetle Cabriolet is 29 mm lower, 152 mm longer and 84 mm wider than its predecessor.

The increased dimensions add visual dynamism and road presence, and have a direct benefit on interior and luggage space.  At 225 litres the boot is 24 litres larger than that in the previous model, while the rear seat bench can also be folded.  The windscreen is also moved rearward, modifying the contours of the roof and creating 12 mm more headroom in the rear.  The multi-layer hood with glass rear screen folds automatically in just 9.5 seconds – even while driving at up to 31 mph – and can be raised in 11.0 seconds.  A tonneau is provided to cover the roof when folded.

The UK engine range follows that offered in the Beetle coupé.  All engines are direct-injection, four-cylinder turbocharged units.  The three petrol engines are a 1.2-litre TSI 105 PS; a 1.4-litre TSI 160 PS; and 2.0-litre TSI 200 PS.  The two diesel engines are a 1.6-litre TDI 105 PS BlueMotion Technology and a 2.0-litre TDI 140 PS.  Gearboxes are five- or six-speed manuals or six- or seven-speed DSG units.

The Beetle’s standard equipment list includes ESP electronic stabilisation programme including brake assist and hill hold features, and a network of airbags as well as a standard rollover protection system, which pops up from behind the rear head restraints in milliseconds if certain lateral acceleration or tilt values are exceeded.

Three trim levels will be available in the UK: Beetle, Design and Sport.  The 1.2-litre TSI and 1.6-litre TDI engines are offered in Beetle or Design trim and the 1.4-litre TSI and 2.0-litre TDI engines come in Design or Sport trim.  The range-topping 2.0-litre TSI 200 PS is available only in the Sport model.  Specification levels are high: the standard Beetle comes with air conditioning, remote central locking, an RCD 310 CD system with DAB radio, rear Isofix seat preparation and a rear spoiler.

Moving to the mid-level Design trim adds 17-inch alloy wheels in a choice of two styles, Bluetooth telephone preparation with MDI (multi-device interface) iPod connectivity, front fog lights, an alarm, an RCD 510 DAB CD/radio, multifunction leather-wrapped steering wheel and body-coloured door and dashboard panels.

The range-topping Sport specification brings 18-inch alloys in a choice of two styles, cruise control, sports seats, parking sensors, gloss black door mirrors, dashboard and door panels, 2Zone electronic climate control and additional sports instrument dials on the top of the dashboard.

A wide range of optional equipment is available, including Keyless Access, satellite navigation systems and bi-xenon headlights.  The option that is expected to make the biggest impact is the Fender sound pack.  Developed with the legendary electric guitar firm of the same name, this audiophile’s delight offers a 400W output and a subwoofer, along with switchable three-colour illumination surrounding the front loudspeakers.

For launch, three special edition Beetle Cabriolet models have been created: the stylish ‘50s Edition’, the cool ‘60s Edition’ and the elegant ‘70s Edition’.  The ‘50s’ comes exclusively in Monochrome Black paint, with black-painted ‘Orbit’ 17-inch alloy wheels, chrome door mirrors, a black hood and black or beige leather upholstery.  The ‘60s’ is available with ‘Denim Blue’ or ‘Candy White’ bodywork, a black hood and blue-and-black or red-and-black leather.  The ‘70s’ model has beige leather upholstery and a beige hood to match, along with chrome door mirrors and ‘Java Brown Metallic’ paint.  Every special edition model is offered with a 1.4-litre TSI 160 PS engine and six-speed manual gearbox.

Article source: www.volkswagen.co.uk

Park assist - Helps you park your car quickly and easily

Your car will practically park itself, cleverly steering into the tightest of spaces at the touch of a button. All you have to do is work the pedals.

With Park Assist on your car it's like having your own personal parking attendant. Our parallel parking system helps you park with ease - even in tight spots.

How it works?

When you want to parallel park your car you just press the Park Assist button and use the indicator before your car passes the parking space. Ultrasonic sensors in the front bumpers will scan the space to see whether it is big enough.

You then stop the car, select reverse gear and let go of the steering wheel. Park Assist shows you its intended reverse path on your multifunctional display, then puts the car into the best starting position and steers automatically into the space. Even though you don't have to steer, you're always in control of your car, working the accelerator or brake and the clutch. And you can deactivate the system immediately by taking over the steering or by braking to a standstill.

Parking in even smaller spaces. We've developed an enhancement to Park Assist that can help park your car when you want to reverse into even smaller spaces, in one or more moves. This semi-automatic system leaves you to assess the suitability of the parking space yourself, while you operate the accelerator and brake. You keep control of the car at all times, and can deactivate the parking assistant immediately.

Article source: www.volkswagen.co.uk

Buying a tax-free Volkswagen


Can I buy a car tax-free?

If you're a UK tax payer and you're buying a new Volkswagen in the UK, to use outside the UK, you may be able to buy it tax-free. The rules are different for keeping the car in the EU and taking it out of the EU.

I'm buying a car in the UK to keep in the EU

You can buy a car tax-free in the UK and use it here for up to 60 days, if you're exporting it to another state within the European Union. You will pay VAT on the car in that country. You can get all the detail from Customs and Excise in VAT notice 728.

I'm buying a car in the UK to use outside of the EU

You can buy a car tax-free in the UK and use it here for between six and 12 months, depending on where you're sending it to. You can get all the detail from Customs and Excise in VAT notice 705.

Our network of Volkswagen Retailers are able to assist you in your purchasing requirements, alternatively, you can contact our appointed Retailer, Alan Day Volkswagen.

Contact Grant Chapman on 0208 920 4000 or email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Article source: www.volkswagen.co.uk

What has happened to the Volkswagen Fox?

Production of the Volkswagen Fox stopped in 2011.

Volkswagen has recently launched the up! This city car is Volkswagen’s smallest model and is an entirely new design, offering maximum space on a minimal footprint plus low CO2 and excellent fuel consumption. To find additional details and explore our new model, visit up!

To search for an Approved Used Fox click here or contact your local Volkswagen Retailer.

Article source: www.volkswagen.co.uk